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“Doing the Adorata work with Ethan has changed my life. Ethan is insightful, compassionate, and wise. Now, I feel confident starting my own business, I am no longer getting into destructive relationships, and I have resolved painful issues from my childhood. This is the real thing.”
~Alexis, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, San Francisco, CA


“Before meeting Ethan, I had tried dozens of psychological and spiritual programs, but none even came close to the progress I made from doing the Adorata work. I am in a new relationship now, my professional life has taken off, and I have made more progress as a drummer in the last year than in the entire previous decade. I highly recommend Ethan and the Adorata work.”
~Stephen, Professional musician, New York City, NY


“The Adorata Descent work with Ethan has been powerful while also gentle and loving. The descents provide my soul, deep psyche and spirit a safe and exquisitely beautiful container for exploration. I’ve done other forms of therapy but no other system has been so effective! It’s a lot more than what I expected in the best of ways. I feel a constant cleansing and rebuilding of myself and see this process happening deeply with my partner as well. And the format of the work is beyond brilliant!”
~Eva, Artist, Eugene, OR


“For most of my life, I felt abandoned and rejected, not a part of things. Now, after doing the Adorata work with Ethan, I feel connected to the people around me and I’ve known happiness for the first time. I feel very fortunate to have found Ethan and the Adorata work!”
~David, Professional Photographer and Web Developer, Medford, OR


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